Top Tips For New PhD Students

Needless to say, all the new beginnings are hard. If you have just got enrolled in a PhD course, the beginning will be even harder for you. Just keep in your mind that it takes time to get the hand of new phases of life. Chances are, you’ll get lost or lose the sight of what you want to do or how you are going to continue it.

So, if you are about to start your PhD or just started it and you are feeling the same way, then here is what you need to do in the first week so that you can adjust to the new environment.

1 Increase your coffee intake

Let’s start by talking about coffee? Why? Because you will be too exhausted and panicked during the first week of PhD and coffee will be your quick mood fix. It will not only make you feel a whole lot better but also you will be relaxed in no time.

You must be wondering why this is the first tips for new PhD students. This is because coffee is the only thing that will help you stay awake or pull an all-nighter to complete your dissertations and other research work. It would not be wrong to say that you can stay productive because of coffee intake. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to stay at the top of everything. There will be days when you would feel too lazy to do your dissertation. If you have such days, then you can rely on a company that offers PhD dissertation writing service UK at cheap rates.

2 Get yourself a desk and chair

It’s okay if you cannot invest in a new desk or chair. But make sure that you at least try to figure out where you are going to study and how you can avoid distractions.

This is going to be your study space for over the next 3 years or so. There should be a desk and chair where you can study in peace. Make sure the chair is comfortable with back support so that you don’t get tired since you will have to spend countless hours on that chair while studying. When you have sorted out your own study space, you are likely to become more productive.

3 Consider doing the paperwork on time

Sooner or later, you will have to fill in different forms so that there is a record of your personal information and contact details. So, why not consider doing it at the beginning of your PhD. The sooner you will get it done, you will have enough time to focus on your research work. So, you better get it done at the right time.

4 Have access to the building where you will be working

The premises where you are going to conduct your research work is likely to have security measures. So, make sure that you take consent to enter the premises whenever you want. Why? Because you will have to work outside working hours. Yes, you read it right! Chances are, you will be asked to do your research work even on the weekends. So, once you get access to the premises, it would not be difficult to carry out your work.

5 Invest in some stuff

You need to have your very own computer to do the research work. If you don’t have a computer, then get a laptop for yourself because you will be needing it to store different records and important work. Once you get a laptop, make sure you install the mandatory software used by your colleagues.

The second thing that you need to invest in a good internet connection so that you can access whatever you want at any time of the day.

Third and the most important thing that you need to arrange is a printer. Why? Because you will have the need to print several important documents and other things.

6 Download important papers or reading materials

If you want to achieve academic success, then you have to read the paper, lots of them. Try to be a proactive student by reading important papers in advance. You can even ask your research supervisor about what you should read.

In addition to this, consider entering ‘Important PhD papers (with the name of your subject area)’ and it will bring up several important materials to read. Make sure you download them without thinking twice. Try reading them whenever you have enough time. This is how you can stay on the top of things.

7 Focus on doing a literature review

Since we have already discussed the importance of reading papers or different reading materials, let’s start talking about a literature review. What you need to do is research what has already been done by different people in your field, what kind of contributions they have made and what are most trending topics.

Your next step should be finding relevant materials on those topics, reading them and jotting down what you learned from those papers.

When you learn what has been going on in your field for a long time is a literature review. The earlier you start working on a literature review, the better it will be for you.

8 Try to craft your research plan in advance

You need to plan in advance how you are going to carry out your research. This way, you will get a vague idea of where you are going and what kind of problems you will be able to answer with your research. Try to find out what kind of results you are likely to get in the end. This is how your research can be carried out successfully.

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