Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to place my dissertation order with your company?

It is 100% safe to place your dissertation with us, without any worry. All the information that you provide us, such as your credit card information and other personal details are kept confidential in our highly encrypted and impregnable server. We carry out a time-to-time maintenance of the server making sure that it remains encrypted in every way.

Is your paper 100% non-plagiarised and high quality?

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality work and 100% original content. For this purpose, we have hired experts of Masters, PhD, and Doctorate degree to write only original content of the topic, which is then checked by our QA department. The work is checked manually as well as digitally for plagiarism check and quality aspect. We also provide our customers with plagiarism report that is carried out by our plagiarism detection tool.

Will you be able to meet the set deadline, even if it is very urgent?

We are known to deliver the work before the given deadline. The experts that we have hired are aware that deadlines have to be met of every order, and so if required they even pull an all-nighter to complete work that is of highest priority (very urgent).

Is getting professional help from a professional writing service cheating?

The truth is that it is not cheating at all. The need to have the help of professional service only happens when one of the following takes place:

  • Students not being able to find topics that are interesting
  • Students have difficulty in finding appropriate resources
  • Students haven’t even started working on dissertation and deadline is near
  • Students are not sure if their written content is plagiarism-free or not

Our main aim is to provide you with model papers (reference paper) so that you get an idea of how the work is done. Then you can go on to write your own paper with confidence and comfort. It is important to note that using our work as it is for submission can get you into severe trouble; which is why we recommend that students should use our work for referencing purposes only.

How many students/customers have you really assisted so far?

Since the foundation of Dissertation Empire, the writing service has been providing help to hundreds and thousands of customers all over the world. To be honest, we do not believe in keeping a number of counts of customers we have served because we think that our work should speak for us and not the number of customers we have served. We are proud of highly efficient quality service that we provide and encourage students to make use of it.

What is the refund policy of your company?

Regarding our refund policy, kindly visit our REFUND POLICY page.

What modes of payment are offered by the company?

The modes of payment currently offered are HSBC, MasterCard, Visa Card, and PayPal.

Do you charge any additional cost for revision?

Our aim is to satisfy our customers with the work that is being provided to them. For this purpose, we offer unlimited revisions. The customer can get unlimited revisions done at no extra cost without any worry until the customer is satisfied with the work.