Dealing With Exam Pressure In Reverse Order

Many times, when exams are just around the corner, students tend to take drastic measures by cutting off all their extra-curricular activities and locking themselves in a room. They believe that by doing this, they would be able to focus on their exam in a better way and get good grades at the end of it. However, what these students do not realise is that they are completely wrong about this particular idea. This very approach of locking oneself in the room so that entire concentration can be put on the exam can backfire in a very drastic way. With constant concentration on studies, the student would drain himself out completely. He would not have any energy left to prepare for the exam on the D-day.

We are providing you with a series of approaches that you can adapt to deal the exam stress in the best possible way.

To begin with, stop blaming yourself. If the exams are on your head and you haven’t done enough, never start blaming yourself. That is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself. Instead of blaming yourself to do better or focus even more on the preparation of exams, make sure that you have planned out what you want to do next. The idea is to not waste any more time than that has already been wasted.

The second step is set targets that you can achieve. Many students tend to do the mistake of setting a target of studying 65% of course in one night and then rest on the next night and so on. This is an extremely illogical step to take. What you should do is set realistic goals. Suppose, set a target of covering 10% of course in one night. Then revise it in the day and study another 10% the next night. This will ensure that you not only learn but also revise the material that you are learning.

The third step is to never opt for completely locking yourself down. This can be one of the worst approaches a student can do to himself. Your brain needs rest and it is important that you indulge in activities that bring you mind-rest. If going out with friends or eating at your favourite restaurant brings you peace, then you should opt for it. This will help you relax your mind and when you get back to studying, it would help you focus more clearly.


Lastly, give yourself the leverage that you have given your best in the exam. You did everything you could, took every right step, covered every topic and prepared in the best possible way that you could. The result you get will be the best you could achieve and you worked hard for it. Never let yourself down in any case at all.

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