Guaranteed Ways To Overcome Laziness

Probably you go through different tips to become productive, use countless to-do list apps, plan every single task while keeping the deadlines in mind, and promise to yourself that you are going to get rid of laziness, but unfortunately, this never happens. Needless to say, we all enjoy being lazy at times and also want […]

Simple Ways To Accomplish Your Goals Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Studies can be so challenging and overwhelming at times- even if you are enrolled in a major of your choice. Chances are, the burden of studies and exam pressure will start to feel bigger than they actually are. All you need to do is learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed in order to accomplish your […]

What Can PhD Students Do about Procrastination

One of the biggest problems of PhD students: procrastinating and postponing the tasks. Almost everyone fell for it at least once. Endless examinations, manuals and reading materials to study and an infinite number of concepts to be able to metabolize. Many are driven by the desire to: “I am not in the mood to study […]

Effective Ways To Defend Your PhD Successfully

Do you know how to become a successful PhD student? Well, it all depends on how you prepare to defend your PhD. Keep in your mind that you have the highest chances of success when you are fully prepared and not stressing over anything. Make sure that your talk/presentation is really impressive. It is quite […]

Habits Of Smart PhD Students

Before going for a doctoral degree, you have to keep in your mind that it is not like any other degree. No one will be there to hand over their notes. You will not have someone to take care of your attendance. Needless to say, you will be on your own. If you want to […]