Background Of The Study – How And Why Is It Important?

In a dissertation, there are compulsory sections which are part of it. These sections make up the entire work in a step-by-step process. In a nutshell, these sections are divided into 6 chapters which are introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, and conclusions. Each of the section is significant for the dissertation and must not be skipped by the student. This article will be focusing on the introduction chapter. The area in focus is the background of the study.

The background of the study is basically a brief overview of the material that is being researched by including current information as well as previous information, along with a little history of the topic. The main reason that background study is written is to provide a link between the topic and the thesis questions that are written in it.

This particular area is important for the dissertation because it provides the reader with an insight on the topic. The information used is already researched by previous researchers while some new information is added to show that the student is carrying out his own research as well. It will not be wrong to say that this particular area sets the initial foundation for the entire dissertation, which makes it the important part of the paper.

To write the background of the study, begin with carrying out a research on the thesis and ensuring that all thoughts are clearly stated as a draft work. The individual must ensure that any information that they begin to write in the paper, it must have a link with the research questions that would be stated further in the paper. It is wise to use the library and electronic databases such as books and scholarly journals for collecting information

The other areas in chapter 1 of introduction are linked with the background study as well. These areas are the rationale of the study, the aim of the study, objectives of the study, and research questions. The individual writing his dissertation must ensure that all the above-mentioned areas are linked to the first area, which is the background of the study. Moreover, it is important to ensure that chapter 1 is just the introduction part of the dissertation. It is not required to add all the information in the first chapter itself and make it completely messy for the reader.

The main aim of the dissertation is to ensure all the information about the topic is laid out in a step-by-step manner without making it look like that everything is crammed into the one specific chapter or part of the dissertation.

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